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  • The School of Public and Community Health Sciences offers two options for students interested in pursuing Public Health education: the Masters of Public Health (MPH) and the Certificate of Public Health (CPH).

  • The School of Public and Community Health Sciences graduated a total of 17 students in 2013.   10 graduated with a Master in Public Health and 7 with a Certificate of Public Health.

  • The School of Public and Community Health Sciences has received the maximum five years of accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), effective July 1, 2012.  We are the first nationally accredited public health program in the state of Montana.

UM Public Health Programs

Our programs are designed to accommodate students who are currently employed.  Courses are offered using digital learning technology supported by UM Online's Moodle courseware system.  Both the Master of Public Health degree and the Certificate of Public Health are completed almost entirely online.

Academic Programs

Master of Public Health (MPH)

A graduate degree in public health enables professionals to:

  • gain knowledge of the factors which influence legislative and social policies
  • apply broad-based, state of the art qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills
  • develop multidisciplinary and collaborative strategies for solving health-related problems
  • enhance their communication skills
  • be positioned for leadership roles in health promotion and disease prevention

View the list of Program Competency & Learning Objectives (Faculty Version / Student Version)

For more information on required and elective courses for both the MPH and CPH programs, see the curriculum page.

Students pursuing the MPH degree on a full time basis should be able to complete the course work in two years when taking 21 credits per year.  It is anticipated that students who continue to work while pursuing the MPH degree will require a minimum of three and a half years to complete all of the course work on a part-time basis (averaging 6 credits per semester).

Certificate of Public Health (CPH)

The Certificate of Public Health will be awarded to students completing any four (12 credits) of the core courses required for the MPH degree.  Transfer credits may not be applied to the CPH.  Interested students are strongly encouraged to apply for admission into the CPH program prior to enrolling in any PUBH courses as courses taken prior to admission may not be applied toward the completion of the certificate.  Additionally, applicants are required to contact an advisor in the School of Public and Community Health Sciences to discuss and have approved a proposed plan of study.  Refer to the admissions page for more details.  The CPH is geared towards:

  • those who currently work in a public health setting but have no formal public health training and are not interested in the MPH
  • those who wish to update their public health training
  • those who work in related fields and wish to broaden their knowledge of public health issues and concepts.

The CPH may also be a good way to get started on the MPH degree (although admission into the Certificate of Public Health program does not guarantee admission into the MPH program).  The Certificate of Public Health option could be completed in as little as a year.  For more information about course offerings, see the CPH page.

Online Learning

Courses are supported by UM Online's Moodle courseware system.  The program uses digital learning technology to enable healthcare professionals to continue to work while pursuing a degree.

Online Learning Schedule

As of Spring 2014 semester, all core courses are offered online.  

PUBH 560 - Environmental and Rural Health students visit the Missoula waste-water treatment plant, April 2011.

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